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Best Warship Games
Brave the oceans of the world and beyond with the 15 Best Warship Games To Play in 2016

3. Uncharted Waters Online: Episode Atlantis

Prepare to become fully immersed and spend dozens of fun filled hours in this MMORPG

Uncharted Waters Online is a historical MMORPG that takes place again in the age of the mighty sail and exploration. Set between the 1400’s-1600’s this game gives players the opportunity to play as one of the six great historic naval powers of the time: England, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal or Venice. You fight to conquer uncharted territory in the New World of the America’s. You are in charge of directing the adventures of your customizable crew and pretty much living it up in a sandbox MMORPG world.

In the beginning of the game you are given a thorough education in the fundamentals of this deep and fairly complex game. You literally can choose to go to school which will teach you almost everything you need to know to get started, which is a huge help when first starting out. What I thought was the coolest aspect of this game was the ship building process. Instead of just walking up to a dock to buy a brand new boat you have to collect pieces for your boat over time in order to build it into a mighty warship or a fast, money making, merchant goods runner. This gives the ship construction as much of an RPG feel as just traditionally leveling and gearing up your character.

The outdated graphics of this game certainly knock it down a few pegs, but other than that this game is very much worth your time if you like MMORPG’s or sailing sim games.

Take command of your fully customizable ship and ride the wind

Organize a fleet of allies and take the fight wherever you please

2.  Tempest

Prepare for life as a pirate in Tempest

Tempest is a game in the early access stage on Steam. In this game you must take command of a pirate ship and try to knock out as many land-lubbers as possible. This is more of an arcade game than a sailing sim, but the comforting and entertaining aesthetic feel of the UI and graphics combined with extensive ship upgrades and personalized decorations make this game very fun. You can sink or steal enemy galleons, destroy forts, or summon giant Kraken’s with magical artifacts that you can discover or plunder (but this isn’t always advisable) to your pirate heart’s content.  

The RPG element of this game is very primitive, probably due to the early access status, but it does look very promising. There are ways to level up individual crew members by sending them into training and apparently heroic figures from taverns on shore can be hired to provide buffs to your ship and crew, although this system isn’t exactly clear to me at this point.

Raise the jolly roger and loot all the booty!

Beware of fire… Even surrounded by water, wood burns up quickly

1. World Of Warships

The Mecca of warship games, welcome to World of Warships

Following up upon the huge success of its predecessors World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, World of Warships truly delivers the goods. In this Pacific World War 2 you are immersed into the naval combat between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States Navy. You play against other players on a large online server in a team deathmatch to gain XP and currency which is used to purchase new ships and upgrade your current favorite ships.

The downfall of this game is the exorbitant price required to unlock the highest tier vessels. Like other freemium games, World of Warships forces you to either play about 4,000 games or pay upwards of $200 to unlock the highest tier ships in each Navy. However, the free to play version of this game is still an extremely fun tactical adventure. With great graphics and very deep fighting mechanics this game has unlimited playability.

Maybe a little too close for comfort…

Lead from the helm of your ship, captain. It is your battle to win

This concludes our list of the 15 Best Warship Games To Play in 2016. Now you are fully ready to raise the jolly roger and kick back with a bucket of rum and conquer the high seas. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below about Warship games that didn’t quite make the list.

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