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Best Warship Games
Brave the oceans of the world and beyond with the 15 Best Warship Games To Play in 2016

8. Battle Group 2

Destroy as much as you can and stay afloat in Battle Group 2

Battle Group 2 is a tower defense style warship game. Imported as a phone game to a PC game, this game certainly lacks a lot of the impressive graphics, story, and cinematics of most AAA games while giving it a very fun arcade feel. But, the playability and intensity of this game is what really makes it fun.

Battle Group 2 puts you in command of 2 warships moving horizontally across the screen in top-down 2-D animation while defending against waves of attack planes, helicopters and other enemies trying to destroy you. Solely depending upon how fast you can click your mouse to achieve victory, this game is an adrenaline packed arcade adventure. Throw in a few boss battles and you get a very fun game.

Run the gauntlet and just try not to sink

Unlock these high end ships to do maximum damage

7. Blood & Gold: Caribbean!

Arghh... Get scurvy me matey's in Blood and Gold: Caribbean

Just as the title suggests, this game takes place during the age of rum and scurvy, the revolutionary era of pirates and colonization. For those of you who enjoy the Mount and Blade franchise then you may already recognize this game because it is built upon the Mount and Blade: Warband engine. But, instead of building and leading armies you build and lead your own ship and crew.

The gameplay is very fun, if you enjoy the mount and blade style RTS campaign map and battles. You can choose to ally with one of the many colonial nations and travel from port to port making a profit from trading goods, or you can choose to become a pirate and hijack said goods from do-goody British or Spanish merchants.

This is a sandbox game where you can literally go anywhere you want and do anything you want. Want to play blackjack at a local tavern when you decide to put in to port? Do it. Want to visit a plantation, or Aztec ruin? Do it. Want to be recognized as a noble, trustworthy seaman? You can do it. Want to be a dastardly scoundrel intent on making a fortune and toppling all who get in your way? Do that as well. The world is literally at your fingertips.

It’s all about the broadsides…

The more natives that you can get on your side, the better

6. Battle Fleet 2

Join the fight in WW2 with Battle Fleet 2

This smaller, pocket sized game is a highly anticipated sequel of the original Battle Fleet of years before. Taking place in the pacific theater of World War 2, this turn-based high seas strategy game leads you to command armadas including frigates, battle cruisers, aircraft carriers, battleships, and destroyers to annihilate enemy fleets. You can command famous historical ships such as the Yamato and Yorktown while you’re trying to achieve victory in the Pacific Ocean. 

The campaign map in Battle Fleet 2 is very interesting because of the Risk-like nature of it. Being divided into about 20 zones or tiles that you must lead your armada into to fight a tactical battle and capture.

The good AI and engaging campaign makes this game worth playing. It has very good playability and is surprisingly fun for a small game.

Protect your carriers, because once they are lost you are in trouble

Always be prepared to attack, and keep an eye on your ammo

5. Leviathan: Warships

Hoist the sail as you do battle in Leviathan: Warships

Paradox Interactive Studios never seems to disappoint with any venture, even in the world of pocket gaming. The same rings true for Leviathan: Warships. In this game you take control of the fleet of the fictional Commonwealth Navy in a fictional naval world. In this turn-based RTS you can upgrade aspects of your fleet’s stealth capability, resilience, and firepower after each victory. Each turn begins with the player moving and managing the weapons systems for each ship in your fleet to customize the offensive and defensive capabilities of each vessel. The next phase of each turn begins the top-down 2-D RTS combat where you try to outthink and outfight your enemy.

The campaign mode of Leviathan is very open, allowing you to play five challenge and 2 versus modes which can be played by up to four players cooperatively on a dozen maps. This game is highly geared towards satisfying multiplayer enthusiasts but can also be enjoyable on a single player campaign.

Always keep your fleet together. A broken fleet is doomed

Make sure to always upgrade your fleet when available

4. Victory At Sea

Attack, attack, attack, in this WW2 themed warship game

Victory At Sea is another arcade-style naval battle game set during WW2. Although this game is a sandbox style game, it also has many fast-paced and highly adventurous combat mechanics.

In the combat of this game you basically point your ship in a direction you wish to travel and hope that your broadside cannons can get the right angle and range and fire at a ship coming at you from the side. You must choose from the beginning of each battle what general behavior you want your fleet to operate with. You must weigh the threat of the enemy versus the power of your fleet. It’s a very simple game with few high level tactics or strategies involved. You start out with a single destroyer in either the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean and you attack fleets or blockade ports to receive XP and add more ships to your fleet. The quests that can be obtained from your home ports are often very frustrating, but they are realistic in the context of what would be needed to achieve victory at sea in WW2. If you are a history buff then you will most likely love the mechanics involved in Victory at Sea, especially in the custom game mode. In this mode you will be able to arrange each fleet to your liking and engage, whereas in the campaign mode you must build your fleet and try to prevent the enemy from building theirs.

Hit them in the flank and they’re sure to end up on the bottom

Very beautiful graphics in this WW2 epic

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