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multiplayer survival games
You must do anything and everything to survive the onslaught of vicious enemies circling in on you. Survival is key.

8) H1Z1: Just Survive

“H1Z1: Just Survive” is a mmo survival fps (first and third person) game that follows the typical zombie storyline, of a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. You will have to do anything and everything to survive, even if that means killing another player. If you don’t watch your vitals, track down weapons and food, or build forts for safety you will die.

Zombies aren’t friendly, so you may want to use weapons when facing off.

Your enemies aren’t easy kills either. “H1Z1: Just Survive” have created the npc enemies to be diverse, and unpredictable. Don’t be cocky when running into battle, because it could be your last. Everyone is out to find the best resources and gain the upper hand. Start practicing your head shots.

The zombies will eat your source of food long as it was alive and ready to be eaten.

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