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8. Spellweaver

Spellweaver Trailer

Spellweaver is a game that is built around building a deck based on one of the many magical aspects available.  You then control the hero based on that magical aspect, but you’re not restricted to just that hero’s cards, you can use any that you want.

This makes the game extremely deep with a huge pool of cards to choose from.  The possibility of decks to create are basically limitless.

Games are also pretty quick once you get the hang of it.  A typical game lasts no more than 15 minutes and is usually over in 5. 

Additionally, Spellweaver also adds advanced tactics like creature speed (creatures can only attack others with less speed than themselves), and multiple battle lines (a support line which protects your weaker creatures from attack).

This game is all about depth and variety which makes it a great game to download and give a try.

Spellweaver is unique in that it was created by Magic: The Gathering players to bring all the things they wanted to a card game.  

The Ivian Theocracy is the fortress of Heaven in the lands of Asperia.  One of the many different factions you can control.

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