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best crafting games 2018
Good luck avoiding that dragon.

6. Hurtworld

Hurtworld is a multiplayer sandbox survival FPS. Jump in a tough world and battle hunger, cold, heat, and the dangerous environment around you.

The game puts large focus on survival and places you in an unforgiving world with brutal sandstorms, cold and deadly animals that you will most likely be chased by with no weapons to defend yourself with. It really feels tough and puts you out of your comfort zone trying to survive. But the harsh environments are not the only things that should worry you. The players that inhabit this world who are also trying to survive like you can be quite dangerous. They can be your biggest threat or your greatest ally depending on how trustworthy they are. Build a base alone or with friends and defend it from the many bandits that roam this punishing world.

You have a number of different ways to craft hundreds of different items. The most basic items can be crafted by yourself using the handcrafting menu while the more advanced ones require you to use a Workbench. There are a variety of different tools, weapons, ammo, gear and machines to craft. You can make things like hatchets, pickaxes, dynamites, C4, bows, rifles, hats, jackets and even gas masks.

Drive in large, hot deserts.

The game is currently in Early Access on Steam featuring the ability to even make a city together with your friends, customizable vehicles such as a car or a quad bike, hunting animals and more.

Or freeze in cold, snowy forests.

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