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best crafting games 2018
Good luck avoiding that dragon.

25. The Culling

The Culling is an online battle royale where you can play solo or in teams of two. Explore, scavenge items, craft weapons and build traps to crush your opponents and come out victorious before the end of the 16-player round.

To craft in The Culling you need to spend F.U.N.C., a substance used to break down items and reassemble them into a new item based on what items were combined. You can also use some objects found throughout the map with your ranged weapon to craft ammunition. It’s a rather simple and unique crafting system that offers a variety of crafting recipes. Craft basic weapons such as a hatchet or blowgun, set up traps such as caltrops or use a number of useful items such as bandages, satchels, explosives or body armor.

Brutal, head-breaking gameplay

You can lower the crafting costs by using the “Cheapskate” perk. The crafting speed can also be increased by using the “Faster Crafter” perk, or if you want your crafted weapons and explosives to have increased damage then use the “Master Crafter” perk.

He’ll never know what hit him.

The game is currently in Early Access on Steam and plans to release next year with new maps, new game modes, new weapons, new traps, new items and much more.

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