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best crafting games 2018
Good luck avoiding that dragon.

3. Fallout 4

Welcome, survivor, to a world destroyed by nuclear war. Enter Fallout 4, the massive open-world RPG with hundreds of locations, characters and quests. Go alone or side with one of the factions. Build your own settlement. It’s your choice.

Welcome to the Wasteland.

Crafting involves gathering raw components. You gather these materials by scrapping in “Workshop Mode”.  Scrap any junk you find.  There are various crafting stations. The weapons workbench is used to scrap and build weapon mods using parts from various weapons. At the chemistry station you can craft things like medicine, grenades and mines.

Go to the armor workbench to scrap, modify and repair armor and clothing. Use the cooking station to prepare scavenged items or go to the Workshop to scrap and build buildings, furniture, and various other things for your settlement.

You can make stuff like this, too!

Overall the crafting system is complex and there are a lot of things you can scrap to turn into components such as steel, rubber, plastic, leather and more which you can use to make many different kinds of weapons, armor and other things for your settlement.

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