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best crafting games 2018
Good luck avoiding that dragon.

11. The Long Dark

The Long Dark is an exploration-survival game that puts you in an expansive frozen wilderness in the aftermath of a geomagnetic disaster. Explore and survive the cold and the dangerous threats the wild nature offers.

In this game you can craft weapons, clothing and other survival gear using items gathered from the wilderness. Crafting is done at Workbenches which you will find in various buildings. Each item requires some amount of time to be crafted. Make snares to capture rabbits. Craft a bow to hunt some deer and make some clothing so you don’t freeze to death. It’s important to keep an eye on things such as your Calorie count, your hunger and thirst, fatigue and body temperature. Get first aid items to patch your wounds. You never know when a pack of wolves or a bear will come running at you.

Hunt to survive.

The Long Dark is currently in Early Access on Steam and features a sandbox world with over 30 km2 of cold, snowy wilderness to explore. A narrative Story mode is planned as well as more content for Sandbox mode.

Uh oh, it’s a bear!

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