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best battleship games
Command the Heavy Firepower of the Greatest Battleships

7) Fractured Space

Fractured Space gameplay

Mankind followed its dream of space colonization and began harvesting valuable resources from the vast stores of the galaxy.  This led inevitably to growing competition among greedy corporations, the competition to intense rivalry, and the rivalry to all-out war.  In Fractured Space, you join 4 other members of a team to attack a team representing a rival corporation.  Your simple objective is to capture their base of operations before they get yours.  Players first choose a manufacturer, then a ship design to prepare for combat in the first sector.

Choose Wisely from Ship Manufacturing Companies with Differing Strengths

After choosing your manufacturer and getting your ship, you need a good crew to run it.  There are key positions that must be filled for things to operate, such as the engineer and navigator.  Hire your crew with care; their performance directly affects your overall performance.

How Well You Do in Combat Relies Heavily on Your Crew Members

Advancing in the game earns you what you need to get more ships and their crews, and you control the weapons and other modules installed on each vessel.  Your success depends on your ship and crew, your knowledge, and your knowledge of and ability to work with your teammates.

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