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Command the Heavy Firepower of the Greatest Battleships

6) Star Citizen

Star Citizen gameplay

Space game innovator Chris Roberts, who created the Wing Commander series, is now setting higher standards for the online space game industry with Star Citizen.  Developed largely through Kickstart, Star Citizen has a lot of extras in it, like the fashion store, where you can buy real clothing to wear and show your love for the game.  The backstory to this universe is long and heavy reading, so here are the highlights: from the development of the Quantum Core Engine in the late 21st century to the first discovery of a JumpPoint in the late 23rd century, human expansion has continued into the stars at an alarming rate.  In 2438, humanity meets its first alien race, the Banu, and negotiates the first interstellar peace treaty.  Now, as contact with more aggressive alien species abound, humanity struggles to maintain its galactic power and peace.  You start the game with a modest ship and meager credits, then upgrade by following your chosen path: you can mine, trade, steal, or any combination of styles your pick.

Beautiful HUDs Make Starship Operation Easy and Fun

Star Citizen offers more detail to its universe development than any other game I have seen, from the ships to the environments, from player interaction to styles of clothing.  And oh, of course, there’s a lot of shooting—fighters, freighters, even huge battleships and carriers.

Gorgeous Environments Flavor Star Citizen’s Vast Universe

Chris Roberts never fails to impress, and his games always have depth beyond the norm.  Star Citizen is pushing the envelope to usher in a new generation of space universe games, and missing this game would be a crying shame.  Join up now and dive in deep: Star Citizen gets a perfect score.

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