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Batman: Arkham Knight Review. Spoiler-Free.
It isn't enough to be Batman anymore. Your friends and enemies must feel it, too.


Playing gets old. Bruising faces doesn't.

Batman: Arkham Knight offers simple but satisfying combat that delivers the enemy some mean beatings. 'Fear Takedown' enables the player to ambush enemies from the best vantage points. An improvement over the combat of previous Arkham titles is longer reaction time to incoming enemy blows. Even newcomers to this game will learn simple fighting combinations that are executed in cinematic wonder. No matter the camera angle, a fight always looks good in Arkham Knight.

Combos are encouraged to build skill points and satisfy side-quest challenges. The number of chained blows Batman can deliver is seemingly limitless. This makes beating bad guys all the more rewarding. The newest combat feature is the ability to use the environment against an enemy. The player, for instance, can smash an opponent's head into an electrical panel, as shown below:

No mercy tonight.

The player will expose Batman's endless knowledge of martial arts with only two or three buttons. The easy-to-learn fighting controls have always been a positive in the Arkham series. Arkham Knight rewards players with familiar and newer combat moves. They all earn Batman the best titles once can find in professional fighting.


"Gotham. This is your only warning. Abandon this city, or I will unleash your greatest fears."

Monsters are real. And Gotham City is the cesspool in which lunatics rise from. Batman: Arkham Knight retrieves villains, previously fought by Batman, with sicker designs and vendettas. The Scarecrow (pictured above) serves as the story's main antagonist. He holds Gotham hostage under the threat of fear-gassing the city. The Scarecrow declares victory over Batman, which the Dark Knight plans on disproving.

Previous Arkham games were hurt by the cut-and-dry boss battles that ruined story pacing. Arkham Knight, on the other hand, almost completely eliminates boss battles. Instead, the focus is placed on neutralizing grouped enemy targets and solving difficult challenges. That doesn't remove the main villains' threatening demeanors, though. Each villain still offers mental and emotional challenges for the player. Not one of them can be underestimated.

The Arkham Knight vs. The Dark Knight

Other villains join the Scarecrow's venture to destroy Batman and Gotham City (follow link for Arkham Knight villains list). Harley Quinn, The Penguin, Two-Face, The Riddler, and others vow to make the Dark Knight's mission a living hell. Surprise villains make an appearance with unique takedowns Batman must learn on each of them. The newest villain, Arkham Knight (shown above), hates Batman more than anyone else does. He is a sort of 'Anti-Batman' and a militarized version of the Dark Knight. Arkham Knight's true identity will come as a shock to 'Batfans' and comic book readers. His tension with Batman are plus points for the game's storyline.

Riddler Challenges are back.

Ever since Batman: Arkham Asylum, the Riddler has set challenges for players. They must search the entire map for Riddler Trophies, scan-able riddles, and the occasional deathtrap & hostage. Not only have Riddler Challenges returned for Arkham Knight, but they now incorporate the Batmobile and co-op mode with Batman and his allies. These side-quests become much more interesting with higher stakes. Arkham Knight contains a reported 243 Riddler Trophies to find all throughout the city. In this game, the most significant incentive in completing every Riddler Challenge is unlocking the 'true' story ending. Players familiar with previous Arkham titles know how time-consuming but worthwhile finishing Riddler Challenges is. They act as a story on top of a story.

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