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 Batman Arkham Knight: 10 Reasons Why You'll Love It
The Riddler is one of the villains who you'll be facing.

2. Expanded Game World

Just look at that sexxxxy city of darkness! <3 Kind of reminds me of Seattle...

The game world is going to be more open map and less linear than previous Arkham installments. Here in the expanded map version of Gotham City the player will have a bit more freedom to go around hacking and slashing at the baddies.  Fans are going to see every gritty, grimy corner of this great city, and around every corner is going to be another awesome encounter.

The exploration of the newly expanded city is undoubtably going to be given a shot of adrenaline by the new Batmobile which can speed up the walls like that car from Men in Black. This new breed of Batmobile will have it’s own separate skill tree that we will expand on later. Just check out the vid its sooo bad-a**:

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