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Power changes everything
Power changes everything

15.  Havoc DLC

Havoc Trailer – Randall Higgins: KillCameraman

Advanced Warfare Havoc Trailer – Point & Shoot Film Festival

Havoc DLC Early Weapon Access Trailer

Okay, now the Call of Duty guys are just having fun.

The above Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailers show off the eagerly awaited Havoc DLC, which features a bevy of new weapons and four unique maps, including a ski village, futuristic urban structure, desert fusion reactor, and shady motel full of creep-tastic clowns.

But the best thing about these trailers is Randall Higgins as the KillCameraman. Yep, he’s the guy behind the KillCam, documenting the most majestic and picturesque moments in warfare – seeing guys getting smashed by missiles, obliterated by lasers, crushed by mountains of snow, that kind of thing.

16. Ascendance DLC Trailers

Ascandance DLC 2 Gameplay Trailer

Ascendance DLC Early Weapon Access Trailer

Randall Higgins and Advanced Warfare are back in the Ascendance DLC trailers!

The maps include a scenic apartment complex, an extraterrestrial spacecraft crash site in the shadow of Mount Rushmore, a lush bio dome, and a seedy chop shop. Of course, it’s not DLC without new weapons and enemies, which Ascendance has in abundance.

So, fellow gamers, what do you think about these Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailers? Do they make you consider getting the game, or are you already playing it? What do you love about these trailers, and the game itself? Tell us in the comments section below!

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