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Power changes everything
Power changes everything

13. Customization Items Trailer

Bored with your plain old Exo suit? Why not splash a little color onto it?

The Customization Items trailer reveals a bunch of new downloadable packs that allow you to personalize your gear. Why not decorate your exo pack and helmet with a badass flame design? Or salute the nation of your birth with your country’s flag?

Speaking of flags, now you can tell which country that snotty 13-year-old who just insulted your mother comes from!

14. Call of Duty Championship Personalization Pack Trailer

A constant struggle to escape the bottom of the multiplayer food chain? Your problems have come to an end, because nothing makes you look like a winner more than the championship personalization pack!

Similar to the customization items trailer, this one unveils a personalization pack boasting designs inspired by the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Championship.

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