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Feel the terror through the eyes of Amanda Ripley

26. The stalking Xenomorph

Don’t even try to shoot him.

The Xenomporph may drop down from the vent even at the slightest noise.If you choose to act violent and tried to shoot your way out, which I do not highly recommend , the alien will come running towards the source of the gunshot, and you know the rest of the story.

27. Dropping of the alien

That’s what I said

As I said earlier the Xenomorph will come rushing towards you at the slightest sound and you can do nothing but utter the two words best describing the moment.

28. The Xenomorph’s lair

He now has his own room in the space station.

In the later levels in the game you will find the place in the station where the Xenomorph has abducted most of the crew members and made his lair. You may find dead crew members hanging from the walls.

29. The eggs

The eggs are everywhere.

In the later levels after you have discovered the lair you will find these eggs almost everywhere, each containing facehuggers, which will hug your face so tightly that you will die.

30. More of the facehuggers

They are worse than spiders.

You will encounter the facehuggers more frequently in the later levels, and they will not waste any time attaching themselves to your face.

31. Trapped in with the Xenomorph

There is nothing worse than this

Everything is over. You can finally escape in an escape pod, but the Xenomorph rushes in before the door is closed. So now you are trapped with him in an escape pod. I told you he is your best pal and he just never quits.

What are your thoughts about the game? Does the game send shivers down your spine or is it just another casual game for you? Tell us about it in the comments section


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