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Feel the terror through the eyes of Amanda Ripley

21. Hiding behind the desk

Just go about minding your business, there is no one behind the desk

One of the many places that you can hide yourself is behind desks, it removes you from the Xenomorph’s field of vision while allowing you the freedom of movement.

22. Crawling under the table

It can’t see you but it can surely sense you

You hear the sound of the alien crawling in the vents, he has sensed you, but still hasn’t seen you. The best place to hide in this situation will be a locker, but if a locker is not in your vicinity crawling under a table is your best bet.

23. Xenomorphs(a lot of them)

 I bought my friends to the party, hope you don’t mind.

You find out that there are more of them. Even in outer space the Xenomorphs seem to have no problems, still in the party mood, just look at their faces, they are so happy to see you.

24. Enter the Xenomorph

He likes to make an entrance, which looks totally cool by the way.

The Xenomorph always likes to make an entrance by dropping down the vents in the most stylish way possible. It lurks in almost every vent and may drop in with the slightest noise.

25. The poisonous corridors

Hope you got a gas mask.

In the later levels you may encounter corridors filled with poisonous gas, it will kill you in seconds while it does nothing to the Xenomorph. Turns out that he’s immune to poison. One more perk added.

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