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best horror game of the year
Feel the terror through the eyes of Amanda Ripley

15. Death of Ripley, the player

You were kinda expecting this, weren’t you?

The Xenomorph has seen you, you tried to run, but your feeble legs can’t outrun him, he catches upto you and impales his spiked tail inside your stomach, there was nothing more you could have done.

16. Checkpoints or Save stations

You either die and quit or you try again one more time

So the Xenomorph impaled you, a working joe choked you, or you simply died due to environmental hazards, fear not, the checkpoints will save you. There are checkpoints in the game but they are not automatic checkpoints, you have to manually access the save station to save the game, though it takes 3 whole seconds to save the game, sufficient time for the Xenomorph to kill you.

17. The bloody vents and ducts

You shouldn’t go anywhere near that vent.

One of the main hideouts for the Xenomorph in game. He lurks in the ventillation ducts and air vents and waits to slaughter its victims.

18. The Creepy Crawling Xenomorph

The feeling when you shoplift, in front of a cop

You know its over. The Xenomorph is gonna have its way with you and be done with it. Only if you were more careful, this wouldn’t happen.

19. The Xenomorph finds your hiding place


You did your best, you were hidden from its field of vision, but how did it find you? Was it the radar, or was it your breathing or was the Xenomorph just lucky? You can’t hide forever and the alien will eventually find you and kill you.

20. The dual mouth of the Xenomorph

You know he’s happy to see you.

The Xenomorph is a badass when even his mouth has another mouth, technically its the tongue but still badass. You can see this mouth when he is about to kill you. Totally worth it.

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