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best horror game of the year
Feel the terror through the eyes of Amanda Ripley

6. Deadly environments

It is a good place to roast marshmallows.

Hiding from the Xenomorph is important but the environments can be deadly too and you can be easily trapped in a corridor with the Xenomorph lurking just behind you. It just never gives up.

7. Fireproof Joes

Heya, looks like someone’s hot.

As much as they creep and annoy you Working Joes are a resilient bunch. They put up a lot of fight and won’t go down easily, some of them are even fireproof so they aren’t even afraid of your flamethrower unlike your other friend.

8. Hostile Working Joes

When the eyes turn red, just run or hide.

Angry joes can be very troublesome when they are normal i.e. they have blue eyes, but once the eyes turn red they become more persistant and hostile. The only option you have is to run and hide cause you aren’t fool enough to shoot him and risk letting the Xenomorph know your location, or are you?

9. Xenomorph Slaughtering

Would you like to have a dance with me?

The Xenomorph is the most deadly and vicious character in the isolated space station, equipped with long claws, pointy teeth and pointy tongue the Xenomorph is most certainly a killing machine. And did I tell you it’s also bulletproof?

10. Trying to hide under the desk

All you can do is hide.

The Xenomorph is the greatest friend ever. He won’t leave you and let go of you, with his upgraded senses he will always follow you around, so the safest bet is that you remain outside his field of vision, and what better way than to hide under a desk.

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