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40. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Developer: Warhorse Studios

Genre: Role Playing Game

Theme: Medieval Adventure

Gamers play as a man on a quest to help the rightful heir to the throne take his proper pace.

He was a peaceful, normal citizen, but then his family was killed when the dead king’s brother’s army swept through. This blacksmith lives in the Holy Roman Empire, specifically the Kingdom of Bohemia.

On his way to payback, he decides that he will help the rightful heir to seize what is his.

This game is deeply rooted in realism and historical accuracy, which helps players to experience Medieval times for themselves.

As a humble blacksmith turned vengeful soldier, you must fight for the king’s son


Experience Medieval times in a more personal way with giant battles and hand to hand combat

39. Neverwinter Nights (2002)

Put an end to the Wailing Death plague

38. Gothic (2001)

In the Kingdom of Myrtana, the humans fight a losing war against the brutal orcs. King Rhobar II has given orders for every convict in his Kingdom to be sent to the Khorinis mines. In the mines, the convicts work all day to dig up ore that can be used to forge magical weapons to fight the orcs. As the playable character, you are a convict working in the mines, about to be sentenced to death.A classic Zero to Hero story done right, this German game translated into English is the first of a trilogy. One of the first of its kind to include a truly open world as well as a plot where the player could actively make choices in, Gothic was a trailblazer in not just the world of RPGs but video games as a whole.

Right before your sentencing, you are given a chance to live by one of the king's messenger if you agree to deliver a letter to a dangerous magician named Xardas. Little do you know that this quest will be the start in turning the tides of war and transforming you into a hero who will be remembered through the ages.

A classic Zero to Hero story done right, this German game translated into English is the first of a trilogy. One of the first of its kind to include a truly open world as well as a plot where the player could actively make choices in, Gothic was a trailblazer in not just the world of RPGs but video games as a whole.

Agree to deliver a message to Xardas, a notoriously dangerous magician, so that you can escape your death sentence

The path to pardon is not an easy one. Confront monsters and beasts on your quest.

37. Torchlight 2 (2012)

Developer: Runic Games

Genre: Action Role Playing Game

Theme: Humans vs. Monsters

A few years have passed since the defeat of Ordrak, an evil ancient dragon that corrupted the ember beneath the town of Torchlight. Three heroes were responsible for saving the town of Torchlight, namely the Destroyer, the Vanquisher, and the Alchemist.

Although the town has been saved, the Alchemist was affected by the ember blight which slowly poisoned his mind, driving him mad with obsession for the powers of the ember. Consumed by his obsession, the Alchemist steals Ordrak's heart and destroys the town of Torchlight. Now, a new group of heroes must track the Alchemist's path of destruction and put an end to the chaos once and for all.

With a heavy emphasis on co-op multiplayer, the player must choose between four heroes: the Engineer, the Embermage, the Outlander, and the Berserker, providing a more unique take on the typical Fighter-Mage-Thief trinity of fantasy classes.

Put an end to chaos, starting with destroying giant spiders and other monstrosities

Find the Alchemist and stop him

36. Gothic 2 (2001)

35. Neverwinter Nights 2 (2006)

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Genre: Third Person Role Playing Game

Theme: Fantasy Adventure

NWN2 takes players back to the lands of the Forgotten Realms, in the city of Neverwinter and around the Sword Coast. The story begins when the village of West Harbor is attacked by furious Githyanki warriors who are in search of a mysterious silver shard. A dark wizard named Garius is seeking the silver shard to resurrect an ancient evil known as the King of Shadows and wants to absorb its powers for himself.

The player's character is an orphan who was raised by the elven ranger Daeghun, and must journey through the Sword Coast to gather allies, improve their battle skills, and confront Garius before he revives the King of Shadows and let's loose a cataclysmic evil into the world. But what really brings this world to life are the companions you travel with, who bring an unique brand of deadpan humor that provides a welcome breath of fresh air that grounds the fantastical events around you.

Garius is attempting to find the silver shard so he can bring the King of Shadows back from the dead, stop him before he can!

Belial, Lord of Fire, seeks to destroy you

34. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003)

Developers: BioWare & Aspyr

Genre: Sci-Fi Role Playing Game

Themes: Star Wars

Four millennia before the events of the Star Wars movies, the galaxy is in turmoil. The Sith Empire falls under new control as Darth Malak betrays his master and builds an army to fight against the Republic.  The story begins with the player as a Republic soldier who must escape a Republic ship as Sith soldiers attack.

The player jettisons towards the nearby planet of Taris in search of the Jedi that the ship was escorting. After uniting, they uncover Malak’s dark plot and delve into secrets of the past as they fight against Malak’s forces. The gameplay is based off of the Wizards of the Coast’s Star Wars Roleplaying Game and makes use of standard d20 role-playing mechanics.

This game is notable for a long list of reasons, one of the more notable being that it’s a licensed game that is actually of great quality instead of the typically bland shoe-in products meant to tie-in with licensed properties. The story, which has some similarities to Neverwinter Nights, is equal parts action-packed, heartwarming, tear-jerking, comedic, and tragic thanks to phenomenal writing. It also brings us the introduction of HK-47, the snarky murderbot that has become so popular that he's been featured in various other Star Wars products and frequently listed among the top 10 favorite Star Wars characters of all time.

Find the Jedi

Destroy Darth Malak’s soldiers

33. System Shock 2 (1999)

Developers: Irrational Games & Looking Glass Studios

Genre: First Person Sci-Fi/Horror Role Playing Game

Theme: Man vs. Machine

System Shock 2 takes players into the depths of deep space, where they must face a malevolent entity that threatens their very life. The year is 2114, and a soldier awakes in his cryo-tube on a spaceship known as the Von Braun. With the guidance of Dr.Janice Polito, he explores the ship only to discover that most of the crew have died. The ones who are still alive are infected by a virus that has turned them into hostile creatures. Now, he must find the cause of the viral outbreak and put an end to its source.    

Winner of seven "Game of the Year" awards, System Shock 2 was considered a game that was well ahead of its time and was regarded by many as legendary in the FPS and horror genre.

Put an end to the outbreak with the help of Dr. Polito

Put an end to infected crewmembers before they attack you

32. Icewind Dale 2 (2002)

Developer: Black Isle Studios

Genre: Action RPG

Theme: Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Adventure

Taking place in the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting, Icewind Dale 2 follows three decades after the events of the first game, with the player’s group of mercenaries arriving to defend a town from a group of goblins. After fending them off and discovering who sent the goblins, the group sets off to Neverwinter where their journey puts them down a path of war, as they face off against the Legion of the Chimera and its roots that it has set down throughout the land.  Simultaneously balanced and interesting, the game was hailed as “one of the best RPG’s ever released for the PC.”

Defend a town from evil goblins

Get caught up in war as you try to discover who wanted to destroy the town

31. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006)

Developers: Bethesda Game Studios, Superscape, & 4J Studios

Genre: First Person RPG

Theme: The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls games had made a name for themselves long ago for their deep lore and their strong open-world gameplay, and this game followed its predecessors very well as the player is thrown into the central province of Cyrodiil during the greatest conflict yet. The player is a prisoner of the empire who gets caught up in an escape attempt to protect the emperor’s life.

After it fails and the Emperor is assassinated, the player is sent to find the sole surviving heir to the throne, Martin, but the journey takes an even darker turn as the Daedric Lord Mehrunes Dagon begins his invasion of the mortal land, opening portals to Oblivion that unleash thousands of his minions to throw the land into chaos. Together with Martin, the player must find a way to close the portals to Oblivion and bring order to the land.

However, the real meat of the game is the vast open world and the myriad paths you can take exploring it. The role playing potential is simply staggering; from joining a cult to becoming a gladiator, the possibilities awaiting within Cyrodiil would make any role-player's mouth water with anticipation.

Bring order to the land by infiltrating a cult, find the heir to the throne, and close the Oblivion gate

Looking at peaceful towns, one would never guess destruction is around the corner

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