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13) Oculus

Years ago, the Russell family suffered a horrific tragedy that resulted in two deaths and the institutionalization of their son, Tim. In the present day, Tim’s sister and fellow survivor Kaylie acquires the mirror that once adorned their old family home. Kaylie is convinced that the mirror is an artifact of supernatural evil responsible for destroying the Russell family - and with Tim’s help, she is determined to prove it.

Oculus isn’t exactly found footage horror - “study horror” might be nearer the mark. Kaylie Russell’s efforts to understand and document the mirror she believes to hold supernatural powers drive the story, so that the horror grows organically along with our understanding of the artifact’s capabilities.

That Kaylie is accompanied by her brother who was recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital adds a neat touch of uncertainty as to what we are really witnessing: does the mirror genuinely possess a supernatural intelligence, or are we watching a disturbed family’s hereditary delusions play out to their grim conclusion?

Due to a technical error, the cameraman isn’t visible in this shot.

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