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13. Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus Trailer

Evil has been unleashed on the world and now you must use Dragons and other fantastical beasts to destroy the evil. Teaming up and destroying strongholds and clearing dungeons is the only way to save the world from the ancient evil that has returned. The game starts with explaining what happened to the Kingom’s princess:  she was taken by the Frost Guard and Rondo, who sold himself to gain amazing powers. From there you must escape Satan himself to begin your journey.

The most unique feature in Riders of Icarus is the ability to capture and tame and mount just about any beast you want. And each animal has its own unique perks and abilities. A dragon is going to enter the battle a lot differently than a bonesmasher, for example.

You can, of course, customize your character to the last detail and take advantage of unique class system that will turn the tides of battle. You can choose to be either to be a wizard, guardian, berserker, assassin, or priest.

Another awesome fact about this game is that it is entirely free to play. So don’t worry about subscription fees, just get out and tame some beasts and explore some dungeons.

Riders of Icarus Gameplay

That is one of the prettiest flying lizards I’ve ever seen.

Wait… Is that a chick?

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