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18. Lost Ark

Lost Ark Trailer

The Demon King Kazero is out in the world. And he is bringing with him some Hellish minions. The world has been at peace with this demon world for so long that it has forgotten about the essential tool to drive back the demon hordes: the Ark. Now you must go forth and gather the fragments of the Ark and fight back Kazero and his underlings.

To say that this is one of the most anticipated MMORPG’s is putting it lightly. The game released its first trailer in 2014 in Korean. It has been in Beta testing since 2015 in Korea. Very little information has been released (for example, only 7/18 character classes) including an official release date in Korea or in Western markets. But it will more than likely make it to Western markets at some point in the future after a full Korean release.

This game has a ton of the familiar RPG systems—classes, customization, etc.—but it is not turn based it is a hack and slash action RPG. It is also speculated that for most missions you will be allowed to have a company of followers, but in boss battles you may have to go it alone.

The classes that we know are: Summoner, Devil Hunter, Battle Master, Berserker, Arcana, Warlord and Infighter. It looks as though the Summoner, Arcana and Devil Hunter classes are more focused on magic, while the Berserkers, Warlords, and Infighters will be focused on physical fighting; the Battle Master is seen using both so potentially is one of the balanced classes.

Are you ready to take on the Demon King?

Lost Ark Gameplay

You’ll need to battle the Demon King’s larger than life minions before you get to him.

The Summoner carves her way through dozens of enemies

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I can't stop playing Flappy Bird. It makes me happy. Thanks for this great game.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I will try some of the games you suggest, and I also want to recommend to anyone who loves the card game genre like me. Spider Solitaire 2 Suit is a pretty good spider card game that I love, give it a try if you love it as much as I do ^^

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