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7. Neverwinter

Explore all the memorable locations you learned in Dungeons and Dragons (with your friends).

If you ever liked Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll see that Neverwinter is right up your alley. The great city of Neverwinter has lost its lord and now the city has fallen apart. Two factions have begun vying for control as an undead army storms the gates.

Neverwinter is a free to play MMORPG with an action combat system. Because it is set in the Dungeons and Dragons world, it brings a sense of nostalgia when coming across memorable locations. One of the most unique aspects of Neverwinter is the ability to create your own adventures, and play them through. You even get rewarded for doing so! Neverwinter has a place for pvp as well. You can either travel to one of the two world pvp maps or que up for a few dungeons.  Let your sword reign down on your enemies, as you experience an evolving story. 

undead army

I don’t see death in your future…but in your present.

dragon boss

If we run, we die. If we fight, we have a chance. Shall we fight?

neverwinter city

The city of Neverwinter: A broken image of its past glory.

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Bawmba's picture

Bawmba 4 years 10 months ago

Great list, there are other good games out there but this is a good short list for a handful of awesome games.

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