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Join me, and we will reveal the treasures of the world together.

6. Elder Scrolls Online

When you play Elder Scrolls Online, you don't just enter a new world...you join a unique universe.

The day that Bethesda created an MMORPG for the Elder Scrolls world was a remarkable moment in gaming history. The game is full of diverse creatures, captivating lore, and beautiful maps worth combing over completely. You can choose from three different alliances (Ebonheart Pact, Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant). As you level up you can join reputation guilds that offer new skill lines and abilities. Don’t forget to check behind every rock and tree because hidden treasures are scattered throughout Tamriel. 

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I see you hiding, I smell your fear, and I long for your flesh.         

If you need a break from questing, why not enter a campaign in Cyrodiil? Cyrodiil is a massive map where all three alliances battle for control of strongholds and keeps. There are siege weapons to take control of, elder scrolls to capture, oil to throw down on your enemies, and bridges to push people off of! If you can capture the six inner keeps and be the number one player on your campaign…you will now be crowned Emperor. Elder Scrolls Online is a world you wish you could live in- and why wouldn’t you if you were Emperor? 

elder scrolls online, cyrodiil, pvp, siege, fortress, emperor

So we have to destroy the stronghold we want to take over? Property value must suck.

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Bawmba 4 years 10 months ago

Great list, there are other good games out there but this is a good short list for a handful of awesome games.

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