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4. Lost Ark

A little taste for what's to come. Soon we'll be able to order seconds...

Now not all games can be within reach. Sadly, the long awaited MMORPG Lost Ark has still not reached our eager fingertips. The publisher Smilegate has recently hired more staff in hopes of pushing out closed betas in China and Korea by the end of this year.  For the West, we can safely bet that our access will follow once the game is successful in Korea. Don’t despair, because the wait will only make the game so much sweeter!

lost ark, fighter class, fire

“I’m on fire, put it out! Wait…nevermind, that’s supposed to happen.”

Lost Ark offers the qualities you love from MMORPG’s, as well as its own hack and slash RPG system. While massively killing enemies is a blast, Lost Ark also offers an open world system. Now you decide where to go, what to kill, and what to explore! Plus, when you finally get to that character creation screen, you won’t have a measly eight choices. No, Lost Ark intends to launch with 18 playable classes! Although only seven have been announced for now, we can surely expect more before it hits the West. So keep your fingers crossed that we hear more this year, and are able to play in 2017!

lost ark, boss

Did he fall down or crawl up? Either way, let’s kill him.


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Bawmba 4 years 10 months ago

Great list, there are other good games out there but this is a good short list for a handful of awesome games.

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