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3. EVE Online

This is just one update of many. Will you be around to experience the future of EVE Online?

“I’m sick of trees!” Do you ever find yourself looking for a change of scenery? How does space sound? In EVE Online you can travel between roughly 7,500 different star systems (in various types of ships). Whether you steer a large Battleship, or a small Destroyer, you can be sure that destruction will follow.

eve online, battleship    

“Ohh, I call shotgun! Now is that the front seat, or weapon terminal…?”

EVE online has been out since May 2003, but they push out expansions and updates consistently.  In fact, some of the things you can expect this year are new ships, class structures stations, super-weapons, and ways to make that sweet money (Interstellar Kredits). If you can pull yourself away from the computer, you can also attend one of EVE’s many real-world gatherings/tournaments starting this fall!

eve online, epic battle, space

Do we call this a battle, or a massacre?

So while you do have explosive ship encounters, there are also battles in the Eve Online market. With a praised player-driven open economy, many guilds (player corporations) in EVE will fight for market control. With market control comes steep profit and eventually…territorial control. Could you be the next market mastermind?

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Bawmba 4 years 10 months ago

Great list, there are other good games out there but this is a good short list for a handful of awesome games.

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