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sexiest Lara Croft cosplays

4. Tanya Croft


Image from Tanya Croft.

Tanya Croft of Ukraine has been cosplaying since she was fifteen, and she’s only gotten so much better since. Her favorite character is Lara Croft, which is obvious from her extensive body of Tomb Raider-related cosplay.

Tanya identifies with Lara Croft. Like her idol, she is an athletic adventurer who loves traveling and exploring places off the beaten path. She and her boyfriend work as a team; her boyfriend makes the costumes she wears in her photoshoots.

Tanya wasn’t always a gamer, and didn’t even enjoy the Tomb Raider franchise until Angel of Darkness. But after she fell in love with the game, she’s been enjoying a variety of titles, such as Thief, Deus Ex, Need for Speed, World of Warcraft – all in addition to Tomb Raider, of course.


Image from Tanya Croft, photo by Alex Beyket.


Image from Tanya Croft.


Image from Tanya Croft.


Image from Tanya Croft.


Image from Tanya Croft.


Image from Tanya Croft.

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