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9. Platformines

Platformines trailer

In order to escape a hostile world, a group of explorers must rebuild their spaceship. To do so, they must embark on a journey into a giant complex of mines.

A bizarre world to explore.

Venture into the giant complex of mines and search for parts to rebuild your spaceship. There are deadly enemies to slay, traps to disarm, and treasures to collect. The world isn’t safe and it wants you dead.

Platformines has limitless gameplay with an infinite number of random worlds to explore with its own traps and enemies. There are three difficulty levels to master.

There are customization options for your character, including in-game fancy items! You can also climb the leaderboards by showing your impressive platforming hack and slash skills.

Sweet loot!

8. Terraria

In Terraria, the world is your oyster. Build, destroy, explore, and fight your way through the world. Travel deep into the earth and battle terrifying creatures that lurk in the dark.

A pretty sweet abode.

Terraria is a sandbox 2D platform that is a ton of fun. Similar to other building type games like Minecraft or Craft the World, Terraria is one of those that is worth having.

There’s never a lack of anything to do in Terraria. It supports multiplayer, so your friends can play too.

Build massive fortresses or small dwellings. Create machinery to protect your home.

Dig deep within the earth or explore other biomes to gather materials. Use them to create new weapons, armor, furniture, or even magic spells!

Finally, with your arsenal in place and your fortress fortified you’re ready to battle the guys. At night, you’ll encounter dangerous foes and deep within the earth, creatures that nightmares are made of.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t played Terraria, pick it up today!

A giant flying eyeball with teeth!

7. Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary launch trailer

Shipwrecked on an unknown island, a sailor explores the long forgotten landscape. Beneath the overgrown landscape he will uncover passageways that lead to an evil that has been forgotten.

With the power of lightning, shock your enemies.

Salt and Sanctuary is a fast and brutal 2D platformer with RPG mechanics. In it, you control a doomed sailor who is shipwrecked on a long forgotten island. This is another beautiful hand-drawn game that shares a similar feel to the Dark Souls Series and Bloodbourne.

With over 600 weapons, armor pieces, spells, and items to discover, craft, and upgrade you’ll be ready to take on the cursed realm that lies around you.

Blastin’ away enemies.


A glance at LIMBO.

A nameless boy wakes up on the edge of a crumbling world. He must venture through to find his lost sister. He soon realizes that this place is full of dark and evil things.

Will he defeat the evil and find his sister? Or will he forever be stuck in LIMBO?

Watch out behind you!

LIMBO is called by its developers a “trial and death” game. As the boy navigates this unfamiliar and dangerous landscape, he encounters traps and enemies. Death is quite common as you become accustomed to the world around you.

Just with many platformers, players can move left, right, jump, and climb onto things. There are no weapons in LIMBO, but only puzzles you must solve and traps you must avoid. The game is pretty challenging in this aspect.

Perhaps the most notable feature of this game is its overall feel. Dark, greyscale graphics combined with ambient sounds that are surprisingly minimalist give this game an eerie feel.

Are you my friend?

5. Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight Gameplay Trailer

After losing his beloved, Shovel Knight had given up on being a hero. When the evil enchantress returns however, he realizes that he must defeat her and hopefully find his love.

However, there is never an easy path to victory. To defeat the enchantress, Shovel Knight must first battle through The Order of No Quarter, a group of terrible foes that stands between him and his goal.

Battling bubble blowing dragons.

Polish and perfect your platforming skills in Shovel Knight. With your handy dandy upgradeable multi-function shovel, leap over obstacles, duel enemies, and dig up treasures beyond your wildest dreams. Take down the Order of No Quarter to defeat the enchantress!

Shovel Knight is the perfect blend of challenge and fun, with memorable characters and crazy bosses.

Hurry! We need a water hose!

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