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The Nazi menace has never been more of a threat than in the latest installment of the Wolfenstein franchise

7. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

The Year is 1946. Your mission: infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein and retrieve the coordinates to General Deathshead’s compound

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of Wolfenstein: The New Order, I bet you wish you could go back in time and stop those Nazis from getting that far in the first place. Well with the prequel The Old Blood, now you can!

You take control of war hero B.J. Blazkowicz as you mount a two man invasion of Castle Wolfenstein in order to steal the coordinates of a high ranking general’s base. Be careful though, you have to get through deranged prison warden, an obsessed Nazi archeologist, and everything in between as you wield brand new weapons, including a pair of pipes that you can use for scaling walls (or taking down Nazi’s). Turn the tides of WW2 and finish off the Axis threat for good in this newest addition from MachineGames.

You can weild this pipe for a variety of uses, all of which get your hands dirty

Wield massive weapons as you go up against enemies ranging from attack dogs to armored Nazis

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