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The Nazi menace has never been more of a threat than in the latest installment of the Wolfenstein franchise

11. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad with Rising Storm

Enjoy the renowned realism of the Red Orchestra franchise in intense head to head multiplayer action

Many games will promise you a realistic WW2 fighting experience, but Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad might just take the cake on this one.

Players no longer are treated to the traditional Heads Up Display (HUD) seen in traditional FPS games. Instead, they must remember how many bullets their gun contains in order to determine if reloading is necessary. If so, an ammo magazine is then weighed to see approximately how many bullets it contains before inserting back into your weapon. Great, now you’ve reloaded! Now you can take advantage of the immersive cover system, which places emphasis on your environment in determining your likelihood of being seen (or shot). Already hooked? You can pick up RO2 today on Steam, along with the new Rising Storm downloadable content (DLC).

Take advantage of the game’s immersive cover system as you fight in epic WW2 battles

Make every bullet count with the precision of first person shooting

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