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The Nazi menace has never been more of a threat than in the latest installment of the Wolfenstein franchise

5. Blitzkrieg 3

Blitzkrieg 3 offers a unique WW2 experience, as you have the chance to voice your input on the direction the game is headed

Ever wanted to help shape a game before it’s even out yet? Let your voice be heard in Blitzkrieg 3, the newest addition to the Blitzkrieg series!

Sitting right now in Early Access on Steam, players have a direct line of communication to the developers, and voice their concerns over the discovery of game alerting bugs or additions they wish to see to the game. While it’s always risky to gamble on a game that’s yet to be finished, gamers can rest assured knowing that the developer has an open ear to all of the features and add-ons they wish to see. If you don’t believe me, check out the new and improved multiplayer and weapon loadouts added to the game just a few months after the players requested it.

Help develop the game alongside the publisher as features continue to be added

Take on players from all corners of the world in fast paced WW2 combat

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