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The Nazi menace has never been more of a threat than in the latest installment of the Wolfenstein franchise

14. Company of Heroes 2

Experience a unique tech-tree that challenges the player to balance the constant trade-off between mobility and defense. Surprise opponents with your development choices and an open end game configuration

Company of Heroes 2 may seem like another WW2 RTS (Real Time Strategy), however not many games will put you in the driver's seat of the Soviet Army during the time of Operation Barbarossa to the Battle of Berlin.

From rich resource management to the strategic occupation of various towns and villages, the game offers an approach to the Eastern Front of WW2 like never seen before. In addition to many RTS staples, such as controlling units and creating battle plans, COH2 utilizes TrueSight, which offers unmatched mechanics when navigating units across various terrain, all the while taking into account environmental conditions when determining troop visibility. If you’re looking for a chance to explore an often overlooked aspect of the world’s biggest conflict, check out this one.

New TrueSight technology gives you unprecedented insight into your units on the battlefield

Take control of buildings and villages to solidify your position on the Eastern Front

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