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As a Witcher, you carry two swords upon your back: one for humans, one for monsters.

12. Mastercrafted Griffin Silver Sword

Weapon Specs

410 Damage

Chance to Critical +5%

Critical Damage +25%

Chance to Dismember +10%

Bonus experience from Monsters +20%

Sign Intensity +15%

Materials Needed

Superior Griffin Silver Sword x1

Leather Scraps x2

Dimetrium Ingot x2

Monster Feather x1

Monster Heart x1

Required Level: 34

Anytime you’re able to craft a mastercrafted sword, it’s bound to be a pretty good weapon, but the silver sword from the Griffin school stands out above the rest. Dealing a whopping 410 damage, this sword has the usual critical chance and damage boosts you’ve come to expect out of high leveled Witcher weapons, but the increase to Sgn intensity lets this sword really stand out. Seeing as signs play a fairly large role in the game’s combat system, any chance a player has to diversify their attack can really turn the tides of a battle, and 15% is nothing to scoff at. It may take some time to acquire this one, but you won’t regret it.

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