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Sword Fighting Games
The ultimate timeless weapon: the sword.

9. Gloria Victis

Are you a hero? An outlaw? Or just a citizen skilled with a blade?

Gloria Victis is a MMORPG that is still in pre-Alpha. Under development by an independent games studio, the game is based loosely in a medieval European setting with some elements of fantasy and mythology incorporated.

Choose a nationality and build a character customizable to every detail, and engage in fast-paced PvP combat with other players. Combat tactics are extremely important with the game’s untargeted combat mechanic, and can easily decide the victor of a skirmish. A variety of settings exist where the player can engage in combat – do you wish to be a gladiator in a tournament? Or maybe a knight on the battlefield? Or perhaps you’re less concerned about your image and reputation and wish to be a bandit or outlaw awaiting easy targets?

The game also features a surreal amount of additional features, such as an economy system and housing. Players are able to choose from a wide variety of crafts, and are capable of either specializing in one and adapting it to a profession, or becoming a jack-of-all trades who uses their skills to survive. You can also team up to build bases and cities with allies!

Fight against enemy players in the open-world environment!

Fight against enemy players in the open-world environment!

A large selection of weapon exists for you to master.

A large selection of weapon exists for you to master.

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Thoughtank101's picture

Thoughtank101 5 years 1 month ago

This game is amazing. I laughed so much on a fallowing video, that showed some of the fun and funny things you can do in this game and it was hilarious. Chivery is going to be a clasic.

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