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Sword Fighting Games
The ultimate timeless weapon: the sword.

10. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

There's nothing more badass to fight with a sword than dragons.

I’m sure plenty of you have been waiting for this title to appear. Although again, by no means a new game, Skyrim is the most recent game in the main Elder Scrolls series. Upon its release, it showcased a groundbreaking landscape, and took previously-developed AI to the next level with NPC-NPC interactions.

Take control of the Dovahkiin as you strive to ward off the end of the world, heralded by the dragon Alduin the World-Eater! Wielding a combination of magic and melee weaponry, engage dragons in herculean combat. Establish a name for yourself as the last of the Dragonborn and save the world, in the province of Skyrim! Swordplay

Character development plays a major role in the game, with experience leading to level increases, which then grant points to be put into a skill of the player’s choice. Visual customization is also very important, as character appearance and race play a role in relationships with NPCs. Although an older game, mod development is still incredibly active and the graphics are kept up-to-date as such.

Use magic to enhance the effectiveness of your blows.

Use magic to enhance the effectiveness of your blows.

Strike down enemies with your fearsome prowess with a blade!

Strike down enemies with your fearsome prowess with a blade!

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Thoughtank101 6 years 7 months ago

This game is amazing. I laughed so much on a fallowing video, that showed some of the fun and funny things you can do in this game and it was hilarious. Chivery is going to be a clasic.

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