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1. Undertale

Undertale Trailer

Undertale is a game where no one has to die. Instead, you can defeat your enemies using your awesome dance moves or petting skills.

If you can’t already tell this is an RPG with a lot of humor. Made in bit format, explore a world that is dark yet amusing. You are caught in between the struggle of monsters and humans, but really the game isn’t meant to be an epic struggle like other games.

It’s meant to be fun and funny. Who’d have thunk it?

And it still tells a great story.

undertale backstory

The backstory is pretty simple but the story is not

undertale wiggles

Wiggling is a very expressive language.

Hopefully, this list of games will keep you entertained all year long. From something as indie as Lone Survivor to something as mainstream as Tales from the Borderlands, every one of these games offers unique choices and unique stories to explore.

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