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Booker and Elizabeth in Columbia

9. Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

Devil's Daughter Trailer

The main character in this story is none other than Sherlock Holmes. The whole story revolves around Sherlock’s adoptive daughter, Katelyn, and the occult happenings around her. And Sherlock’s desire to protect her from those happenings.

While lovely, the graphics are not as smooth as some other games. But the story packs a punch. Dr. Watson provides weapons support—he is a former Army doctor after all. Sherlock also receives help from several other sources in this most important of mysteries.

The story will leave you hooked until the end, and it is not to be missed.

Sherlock with a pentagram

This looks a little… sketchy…

Sherlock solves cuts mystery

Put that keen eye to the test

8. BioShock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite TV spot

Join Booker as he travels to the flying city of Columbia. He has come in search of Elizabeth. Who quickly becomes his partner.

Booker is an ex-Pinkerton PI. Elizabeth has a hidden power: she can open tears in the space-time continuum and pull object from other places. Booker fights with bullets and a special metal claw that allows him to zip around the city rail system.

Never fear, classic Bioshock fans, the expansions—Burial at Sea episodes 1 and 2—bring Elizabeth and Booker’s exploits to Rapture. Bioshock Infinite has infinite replayability with its choice-driven story and challenging settings.

Bioshock Songbird Blueprints

Yes, this is just as terrifying as it looks.

Bioshock George Washington Gatling Gun

Who knew George Washington could handle a Gatling gun so well?

7. Dreamfall Chapters

Dreamfall Chapters Redux Trailer

Set in three different worlds—Arcadia, Stark, and Storytime—Dreamfall Chapters tells the climactic chapter of the only dreamer left: Zoë Castillo.

Dreamers can exist in multiple worlds at once by dreaming themselves into the other world. Dreamfall Chapters is the follow up to both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.

And this year you can pick up Dreamfall Chapters Book Five: Redux. The concluding episode of the Dreamfall Chapters saga. So now you can really and fully appreciate Zoë’s story from beginning to end.

Stark Civilians

Inhabitants of Stark look on in horror

arcadian prison break

Arcadian man escapes prison

6. D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

D4 Trailer

Welcome to the strange world of David Young. David Young is a narcotics cop turned PI. He has the unique ability to dive back in time by interacting with items called “mementos.”

For the past two years he has used this ability solely for the purpose of finding answers to his wife’s death. Her last words to him, while dying in his arms, were “look for ‘D’.”

What is truly innovative about this game is its use of movement to control David. His movements sync up to your movements with the mouse. Making gameplay even more intense, yet intuitive.

David Young Punching

This is gonna hurt you more than it is gonna hurt me

David Young flips pages

Even flipping through pages uses the unique movement system

5. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Danganronpa Trailer

In a tale that could only be from Japan, you play as Makoto, an ordinary high school student who wins a lottery and gets to attend an elite school.

Upon his arrival, he immediately falls unconscious and then has to make his way to the  gym. There the students find a robotic teddy bear, Monokume, who informs them that if they want to leave they’ll need to murder someone.

What’s truly original is the 2.5D graphics. The characters are all in 2D and the settings in 3D providing the game as unique a look as the game’s story is.

Trial Entrance

Class Trials promise blood

Classroom Scene

Interact with peers in the classroom environment

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