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best pc horror games ever
These horror games will scare you beyond your wildest dreams.

1) Dead Space 2 

The games collected in this list have included the undead amongst their casts of deadly creatures. They have also included murderous aliens. What can be scarier than aliens or the undead? Aliens called necromorphs, who reanimate corpses into the undead.

The Dead Space series is known for its mastery of selling the atmosphere of horror in outer space. 

Whether it be in unlit space station hallways, bloody infirmary wards, or zero-gravity environments flooded with the floating carcasses of man and monster alike, this EA series — and its second iteration especially — will fill gamers with nothing but utter despair. 

Set 3 years after the original and following the protagonist, Isaac Clarke, as he survives a necromorph outbreak on a space station, Dead Space 2 polishes the mechanics that made the original so groundbreaking and achieves a perfect balance between survival action and psychological agony.

For that, it earns the spot of #1 on this list. It will certainly give you nightmares. And let's face it... isn't that what all true horror gamers want?

Fight for your life. 


So, readers of Gamers Decide, what did you think of our list? Is there anything we missed, or perhaps is there a game we valued too highly? Horror is a very diverse genre, so it was really difficult to pick only 15 of the best of all PC horror games. But that's the beauty of having readers: we can all learn from each other's suggestions and opinions on video games. 

Let us know of any thoughts you have!

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