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best pc horror games ever
These horror games will scare you beyond your wildest dreams.

14) SCP — Containment Breach

SCP — Containment Breach is yet another example of intelligent game design making a truly terrifying horror experience. 

You play as an escaped test subject who must make his way through the top-secret research facility of the SCP Foundation, a top-secret organization housing supernatural entities, navigating complex areas and making use of the blink mechanic to avoid monsters whose movement depend on whether or not you can see them. 

Remember you are not the only escapee roaming the halls — various supernatural entities have also escaped, including SCP-173, a murderous sculpture that is frozen when seen and moves when unseen, and SCP-096, a grotesque monster who attacks anyone it makes eye contact with.

With such terrifying creatures scattered throughout the facility, players of this game have terrifying encounters in store.

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Horror Games

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