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best jrpgs for pc

24. Tales of Zesteria

Tales of Zesteria PC gameplay.

In the continent of Glenwood, alongside humans there are the Seraphim. These are supernatural creatures who can interact with humans. Sorey is the main character who was raised by Seraphim, and his childhood companion, Mikleo, is a Seraphim. In this game, Sorey heads out to save Glenwood from the negative creatures of Hellion.There is no denying that Tales of Zesteria is an incredibly pretty game.

The world is large and vast, filled with different creatures as well as a large assortment of items. The customization for the game is superb with a large array of options for you to customize your character. The battle system revolves heavily around artes. These are special abilities that differ depending on the character you control.The story has been met with some criticism. It’s nothing memorable and isn’t anything that impressive. Still, the incredible visuals and large vast world is enough to justify why you should play this game.

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