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best jrpgs for pc

25. Fairy Fencer F

Fairy Fencer F gameplay

Furies are incredibly powerful weapons left over from an ancient war. Fencers are constantly trying to find ways to get them. This causes two fencers, Fang and Tiara, to get engulfed in this huge ancient war spanning millenniums. It’s a story that has received a widespread opinion. The story has been praised by fans as well as the lovable characters.

The controls of the game are great as well, as one can tell the amount of time that the developers took to make the game feel right for PC users. The gameplay has been said to be a bit grindy and that can be seen as a con, though it never feels overly grindy. There is quite a bit of DLC that can get on one's nerves, but still an enjoyable game with or without them.

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