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29. Edge of Eternity

Edge of Eternity’s gameplay somewhat brings back the memories of a PS2 RPG.

Developer: Midgar Studio
Genre: Turn-based, Adventure
Theme: Humans vs Metal Monsters

It’s a mystical, fantasy world where there’s lush greenery, vast plains, towering mountains – and dark spaceships. Yep. While it seems like your typical world of swords and magic, End of Eternity adds alien invasion in the mix, corrupting humans and animals alike, turning them into heartless metal monsters.

Daryon, the game’s redheaded hero, heads out to escape from the attacks of his own kind and ventures across Heryon in search for the way to save his world and define his own self along the way. But it seems that the Crystals have a different plan in mind…

EoE Daryon in Battle

Do I really look that tasty to you?

The graphics remind me of Chaos Rings on Android and Final Fantasy X/X-2 on the PS2 – which looks a little dated (in a good way), and the music gives the JRPG feel to it. Toss in the familiar HUD, command options, and the active time battle gauge which allows you to execute an action when it’s full and voila, a nostalgic trip from something new!

Edge of Eternity will be available via Steam in December 2015.

Official Site: http://www.eoegame.com/

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