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It’s all about surviving with your sanity intact.

3. Perception 

And the award for most original gameplay this year goes to…

Brought to you by the developers behind Bioshock and Dead Space, Perception is a new supernatural horror game with a unique premise. Some of our favorite horror games like Outlast and Silent Hill feature non-combatant heroes. They are not soldiers or policemen, which means they are not going to run through the game gunning down monsters left and right. Perception takes this idea one step further. Player character, Cassie, is blind. Not only can she not fight, but she cannot even see the danger standing right in front of her face.

Perception begins with our protagonist traveling to an old Manner House known as Echo Bluff. For some unknown reason, this mansion has been appearing night after night in Cassie’s nightmares. Cassie must use a series of sounds, like echo location, to create a mental image of the environment and avoid enemies. Truly put your detective skill to the test in a situation where you are completely deprived of sight.

Perception is currently a Kickstarter project seeking to raise $150,000. Their goal is to have the game released for PC on Steam sometime in 2016

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