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It’s all about surviving with your sanity intact.

2. System Shock Remastered 

She’s Back. 

Cult classic System Shock is the spiritual predecessor to the Bioshock series. SHODAN is an artificial intelligence built to run the day-to-day operations of Citadel Station. When her morality shackles are disabled by a hacker (the player character) she turns on her human creators, and transforms them into cyborg slaves. Clearly this hacker lives in a universe where the Terminator franchise was never created. What else did we expect would happen? The entire rest of the game is spent trying to avoid the psychotic AI, and fix the problem you created.

The remake will have additional content not seen in the original game. The goal is not to simply have players experience System Shock with a new skin of high definition graphics. Developers are promising an expanded Citadel Station loaded with new toys for returning players.

The new reimagined System Shock game will be available late in 2016. Also, as an added bonus System Shock 3 has been announced and a teaser website is online. The teaser website only has one message for us so far: She is Back.

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