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15 of the Best Horror Game Trailers Ever
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6. Dead Island

Viewers have to piece together Dead Island’s trailer as they watch it, and maybe watch some edited versions of it online.

A young girl lies dead on the ground. But then we see her running throughout a hallway, chased by a horde of zombies. Then the video seems to go in reverse, her dead body that was on the ground is flying back to the window of a hotel.

When we reach a hotel room she’s on a man’s back, it’s clear that she is a zombie taking a bite out of his neck. More zombies are in this hotel room, attacking the man and woman inside. The video switches between the young girl, still a human, running down the hall, and the couple a few seconds later, dealing with zombies in their room.

The video takes us back in the hall with the human girl, she is on the floor and a zombie takes a bite out of her leg. In what we can consider to be the middle point in time of this video, the man enters into the hallway to save the girl.

It ends with him reaching his arm out to her’s, hope on his face. The two do not know what is to soon become of them. This trailer was made to stab us in the heart and let us know that this game is out to beak gamers apart.

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