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15 of the Best Horror Game Trailers Ever
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7. Outlast

Perhaps the mention of this game brings shivers down your spine. The Outlast trailer does not disappoint. It opens with strange Nazi descriptions and images as well as the history of an asylum.

The trailer shifts as we follow a man enter into a blood smeared elevator that takes him to a decrepit medical looking area. There are bodies limply hanging from the wall and more blood cakes the area. The tension rises with the sight of creatures running around in the distance. 

As the man enters into a dark room he uses his video recorder to see in the darkness, unveiling more dead bodies and gore. Even better, we see a strange human looking entity that has the man in his sights. He quickly needs to navigate the environment, telling future players that there will be lots of climbing, diving, and running.

He finds a room empty except for a bed. The man hides under it and uses his video camera to look in the darkness once more. The creature is reaching for him under the bed and the video ends. On this note, players know what kind of twisted world they’re getting into.

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