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15 of the Best Horror Game Trailers Ever
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8. The Evil Within

A soothing instrumental song plays throughout this trailer. This song covers up the protagonist, Sebastian, as he painfully drags himself down a long hallway. A menacing voice follows him, belittling Sebastian and claiming that he knows all about him. He says that he will make Sebastian do terrible things.

This man is revealed to be heavily scared and burned, wearing a long, dingy white coat. There are quick flashes of bodies hanging in bags, twitching and bleeding. We are shown a decaying hospital room, city falling apart, and Sebastian held down in a chair and metallic device that is zapping him.

Strange zombie like creatures attack Sebastian along with large, bloated, bloody, and hulking monsters. This trailer ends with the scared man reminds us once more that he created this world and is in complete control. We are all subject to his will.

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