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15 of the Best Horror Game Trailers Ever
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12. Alan Wake

This trailer feels like one that could be for a suspense horror movie. It opens with praises of Alan Wake as a writer. However, we learn that he has been in a writing slump for years and goes on a vacation with his wife. He hopes that this will be the mental break from his slump that he needs.

A creepy old lady in black hands him the key to the cabin he is staying in and things take a turn for the twisted. His wife goes missing and shadow like creatures attack. Alan finds pages of a book that he has no memory of writing, but is the author of them. He wonders if these pages are predicting a terrible prophecy or are rewriting reality.

Alan resolves to hunt down these pages in order to save himself from the chaos he is fallen into and find his wife. But this video couldn’t end without another image of the creepy old woman as she stands over Alan, then flashes directly over to us, consuming the screen.

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