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15 of the Best Horror Game Trailers Ever
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3. The Last of Us

We are in for a real treat with this cinematic trailer. Despite coming out a few years ago, it holds up graphically with current game releases.

The trailer opens with dead, bloodied bodies in what seems to be an apartment complex. There’s a young human girl named Ellie and man named Joel. We see that this girl isn’t to be underestimated as she no problem searching the unconscious body of the man that Joel knocked out.

As they hear approaching zombies, the two flee the room. It’s clear that Joel is protecting Ellie. The zombie like entity that comes to attack them isn’t like the zombies we are used to. Its head looks like it has imploded. As Joel grapples with the zombie, Ellie comes from behind and stabs it. Joel gets in a good headshot and the two escape.

This trailer is only the tip of the iceberg for one of the best zombie games.

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