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15 of the Best Horror Game Trailers Ever
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4. Alien: Isolation

This trailer opens up with some old fashioned VHS grain, a throwback to how watching the original Alien movie on VHS would be.  This grain doesn’t take away from how extremely gorgeous the graphics are.  The viewer’s tension and curiosity builds as Amanda Ripley is scavenging and picks up a toy robot.

We see a lurking entity flick its limbs and slither around in the background. Amanda knows she’s in trouble and quickly hides. As she hides she takes out the toy robot and tinkers with it until it becomes a kind of tracking device. But what it’s tracking is right above her, and it’s the Alien.

This trailer freaks us out in all the right ways, introducing some of the games elements, fantastic graphics, and most importantly enough screen time of the terrifying Alien.

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